SAUFS Celebrated Last Day of Bengali Year

Rangila Barai Ray Barai, nanan ronger khela, ami tumar preame pagol songs like these were sung on the occasion of Chaitra Sankranti and the farewell of the year and chat ‘Chaitra Absan’ was organized by the Sylhet Agricultural University Film Society at the Baishakhi premises of the university at 10 am. The folk song group ‘Balikana’ performed songs on the occasion. Everyone present at the event sang to the tune of the song. They say goodbye to all the old age. With that, various memories of the past year came up in the chat. Apart from Sylhet Agricultural University Film Society , song group Balikana, members of Krishnachura Cultural Association, Entertainment Association, Lubdhak Theater and culture-minded students of the university also took part in the event. Arshadul Islam of Lubdhak Theater said that Chaitra Sankranti is an integral part of Bengali culture and tradition. On this last day of the year, the folk song chat is quite crowded. Also members of the choir Balikana add their stories to the song. Uttam Kumar Das, co-president of the Film Parliament, said, “We are organizing this to preserve the abhorrent culture of Bengalis.” Folk songs are mixed with our hearts.

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