SAUFS Announced Its First Executive Committee

The first committee of the Sylhet Agricultural University Film Society has been announced to start its journey with the slogan ‘Aesthetic Film, Contemplative Audience’. Shariful Islam Surya, chief director of Sylhet Agricultural University, announced the name of the first committee at the central Shaheed Minar premises. Kajal Islam has been elected as the chairman of the founding executive committee and Khaled Rahman Rabbi has been elected as the general secretary. Also elected  executive committee members Shubhashish Roy, Kamruzzaman Johnny, Maha Janel, Monaim Hossain as joint general secretary, Asif Uddin bin Noor as organizing secretary, Nawrin Jahan as joint organizing secretary, Mahmudul Hasan, Shihab Shahriar as finance secretary and Ahsan as associate finance secretary. Momin Munna, Office Secretary Pallab Talukder, Associate Office Secretary Mahdi Rahi, Research and Publication Secretary Abir Helal Uchhas, Associate Research and Publication Secretary Kauser Hamid,  Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun, Exhibition and Festival Affairs Secretary, Deep Talukder, Associate Exhibition and Festival Affairs Secretary, Uttam Kumar Das, Public Relations and Publicity Secretary, Salauddin Shaon, Associate Public Relations and Publicity Secretary, Tanvir Kakon, Associate Reading Secretary, Kawsar Ahmed, Farhana Parveen, Decorating Secretary, Associate Entertainment and Decoration Secretary Waliullah, Executive Members Nafis Raihan, Anik Banik, Sulagna Saha, Jaima Zeenat, Queen Roy, Asma Akter Brishti, Nishat Fauzia Sigma, Arman Hossain, Nazmul Islam Rifat, Tahirul Islam Bappi, Jamal Hossain, Tanmoy Roy, Sohail Rana, Mahmudur Rahman, Hasan Jamil Shakib, Tanvir Bandhan, Shamim Ahmed, Shakib Tahmid Rishan.

Moreover, the journey of this film society began to create a suitable audience in the university to realize the aesthetic and contemplative perception of film outside the commercial circle.

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